Great Kids Party Ideas

Kids love parties! A great children's birthday party isn't hard to manage if you have a fun theme and a solid plan.

To get an idea for your child's party, go with what he or she loves the most and build a party theme around it.

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You don't need to spend big bucks for your child's party entertainment. Keep things simple and affordable - your child and the party guests will have as much fun with balloon games, bingo or craft activities without the expense of a rented entertainer, pony rides or that big bouncy house ...

How to Plan a Super Fun Children's Birthday Party

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Here are some kids party ideas that anyone can afford and that kids will love.

Make party food special - even if you don't ordinarily serve lots of sweets and "fast food" type snacks, you can offer them as a special treat just for a party.

If you don't want to go quite overboard on this type of snack, make your own finger foods with fun shapes and creative toppings.

Of course you need to have cake and ice cream, but you can make those into small size special portions if it's easier to serve.


Finger foods are definitely a plus with smaller children - my kids loved to have cupcakes baked into flat-bottom ice cream cones for their birthday parties with friends or classmates. We saved the "fancy cake" for our family celebration.

If you have the time, and the helpers, make a batch of home made ice cream and let the kids help turn the crank on the ice cream maker for part of the mixing time. Then put on your ice cream scooper hat and apron and scoop out cones or dishes with or without toppings for all the guests.

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Making Home Made Ice Cream

Be sure to have at least one helpful adult to assist with your party activities and schedule. You'll need an extra pair of hands and eyes to keep things organized and on schedule.

If you've got a bit of artistic talent, try out some face painting or washable tattoos as one activity. Kids love these and they add to the festive atmosphere.

Don't forget party hats or crowns and favor bags ... you can make these from free printables or set out supplies with basic blanks and let the kids decorate their own as part of the party fun.

Whatever theme you choose for a child's party, be sure to coordinate it with the decorations, cake and favors. And always include festive balloons and garlands or streamers for decorations.

Kids love festive party decorations and they make the party extra special. Don't forget a party crown, birthday hat or special badge for the birthday child.

Printable masks and party hats

Include at least one game and a relatively quiet sit down activity. A creative activity will keep the chaos down to a controllable level and prevent over-excitement for the birthday child and his/her guests. Tie games and activities to the party theme or color scheme.

You can make a hat or badge from paper or sew one from felt if you're talented with needle and thread.

Be sure to add some trimmings to the party table and chairs, too. Decorate the guest of honor's chair with a swag, ribbons or a sign proclaiming he or she is the special birthday child.

If you're planning a party for an older child, let him/her help with making the invitations, favors and decorations.

You'll create a memory that will last for many years, for your child and for you.

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