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Childrens Party Themes & Party Kits

Organizing and planning a child's party can be challenging - make it easy on yourself and more fun for the birthday party guests and guest of honor by choosing a theme.

You can simplify even more if you select an all-in-one party theme kit complete with color coordinated balloons, decorations, cups, plates, saucers and disposable utensils. Just add cake, ice cream and kids for a super-easy super fun theme party!

Choose from dozens of popular theme party ideas for kids of all ages


Movie Birthday Party Invitation invitation
Movie Birthday Party Invitation by celebrateitinvites

Party Activity Shop

Need activities and treats for the goody bags? We've selected some wonderful Children's Crafts and Learning Toys from popular vendors.

Tropical Theme Party Kits

Luau parties are popular all year long, in warm weather outdoors or inside at a pool or spa.

Teens and adults really like tropical theme parties, and even in the coldest winter months if you have access to an indoor pool you can throw a hot tropical party complete with water features!

Printable Fun - Luau Party Games Pack

Luau Party Pack - sold by Print Games Now


Pirate Theme Party Decorations, Favors and Snacks

Pirate chests, pirate hats, pirate treasure, pirate gold and pirate flags plus a whole lot more to make the perfect pirate party for boys or girls and grownups!

Pirate Party Tips and Ideas

Pirate Costumes

Pirate Party Games Collection

Printable Pirate Games for Adults and Kids


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