Baby Boomers Clip Art

If you were born between 1946 and 1983, you're a member of my generation. The baby boomer graphics in this original design clip art is designed just for you!

Great for crafts, scrapbook layouts, party decorations and greeting cards for all the hip and young at heart seniors grooving in your crowd or family unit.


Youthful Seniors and Baby Boomers ClipArt Collection

Decorative fifties and sixties backgrounds, hip word art, cool banner graphics, borders, trims and dividers with greaser, hippie and retro motifs from the good old days after WWII when boomers were born and raised

Class of 1969 Psychedelic Colors

class of 1969 peace clip art

Class of 1969 Line Art

Class of 1969 bubble letters poster

Class of 1970 Line Art

Class of 1979 coloring page for adults

Games for Special Birthdays, from the 1950s through Now!

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