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Having a Baby Clip Art and Baby Shower graphics - cute baby clipart and pregnancy graphics to design and craft baby shower invites, birth announcements, shower favors, nursery decorations and baby book pages.

Girl baby clip art, boy baby clips, clip art of babies with Asian, black or Caucasian skin tones, TWINS clip art and storks, pink or blue rattles, pregnant mom graphics, sweet pregnant belly pictures, onesie baby shirts, Mister Moon, baby footprints, and baby toys clips. Click a link or picture to open a free baby graphics page with a large clip art image plus a smaller baby graphic.

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Angel baby cliip art with blue gown

Angel Baby Boy

Angel baby girl clip art 

Angel Baby Girl

Print & Play Baby Shower Games

baby angels border, horizontal divider

Baby Angels Border, Horizontal

Angel babies clip art border graphic

Angel Babies Border, Vertical

mom to be belly clip art

Brunette Pregnant Mom with Light Skin

pregnant mom clip art

Red Head Pregnant Mom with Light Skin

dark skin pregnant mom clip art

Pregnant Mom with Dark Skin

Baby clip art with butterfly


Baby Face with Butterfly

Design Your Own Toddler Tee Shirt
Design Your Own Toddler Tee Shirt by imagefactory
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Rattle Me Timbers Pirate Shirt
Rattle Me Timbers Pirate Shirt by imagefactory

baby shower favors

Pregnant mom hugging belly

Pregnant Belly 1

Asian pregnant belly

Pregnant Belly 2

Hispanic pregnant belly

Pregnant Belly 3

Black pregnant belly

Pregnant Belly 4

Pink Skin Baby

Tan Skin Baby

african baby clipart

Brown Skin Baby

Baby boy graphic

Baby Boy Stork

Baby girl graphic

Baby Girl Stork

Do it Yourself Baby Shower

Sleepy mister moon

Mister Moon

Baby girl border art

Pink Rattles Border

baby shower games

Blue baby border graphic

Blue Rattles Border


Baby pony graphic

Baby Pony

Baby shirt onesie graphic

White Onesie Baby Shirt

Blue onesie clipart

Blue Baby Shirt

Pink baby shirt graphic

Pink Onesie Clip Art

Boy twins graphic

Twin Boys

Girl twins graphic

Twin Girls

Twins storks with boy and girl babies

Twins-boy and girl

Pregnant mom belly with heart Its a boy blue belly graphic

Pink, Belly with Heart

Blue, Belly w/ Heart

Pink and blue rattle border graphic

Baby rattles divider graphic

Baby Rattles Borders

Its a boy baby border
Boy baby onesie graphic border

Boy Baby Shirt Borders

Babies border art
Baby shir border graphic

Babies Onesie Borders

Girl babies border graphic
Girl babies border art

Girl Baby Shirt Borders

Baby Shoe Borders

Blue baby foot print

Baby Blue Foot

Pink babies foot

Baby Pink Foot

Baby feet, barefoot

Caucasian Baby Feet

Asian bare feet

Asian Baby Feet

Brown feet, footprint

Brown Baby Feet

Unique Baby Shower Invitations


Last minute baby shower games - print and play!

Baby Shower Themes

Print & Play Baby Shower Games

Cute, printable baby shower party ware

Twins and Triplets...Double and Triple the fun!

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Baby Footprint Shower Invitations

One of the simplest and most endearing baby shower invitation designs is to use a simple baby footprint. Baby feet are so cute and the charm of a tiny footprint invitation is sure to be irrestistible to your guests and to the mom to be.

eco friendly paper and invites

Hip, Modern Birth Announcements & Other Baby Stationery!

Here are a few creative tops to use use in creating your own baby shower invitations with baby footprint designs.

Printed Invites

Find a nice baby footprint clip art like the ones on this page. It looks like a little hospital footprint stamp. You can choose a pink or blue footprint, or make an outlilne of the foot if you don't know baby's gender.

If you have a rubber stamp or digital stamp of a baby footprint you can use that for your design instead of clip art. Or, find a charming photo of a baby's foot to use for your shower art.

One clever design idea is to make a border or design divider of baby footprints to outline the edges of the card, then write the details inside the baby footprint border.


Custom Baby Shower Postage Stamps

If you want to have a totally coordinated baby shower invitation design, get custom postage stamps printed with your footprint clip art design to match the invites.

Even if you print out your own invitations, you can order custom baby shower postage stamps with a baby footprint design, your own design or a predesigned stamp like one of these cute Zazzle baby postage stamp designs:

baby foot postage stamp baby boy footprint stamp baby footprints postage stamps baby girl footprint

Will Baby Be a Girl or Boy? Gender Unknown Shirt
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It's a Girl - Expecting Mom Maternity Shirt
It's a Girl - Expecting Mom Maternity Shirt by creativebaby

It's a Boy - Expecting Mom Maternity Shirt
It's a Boy Maternity Shirt by creativebaby

Baby Owls - One of Each! Twins - Maternity Shirt
Baby Owls - One of Each! Twins - Maternity Shirt by creativebaby
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If you decide to make your own baby shower invitations you can start by printing out the basic design, then adding decorative details with rubber stamps, glitter, ribbons and embossing powders.

One simple way to make a designer invitation is to print the border and some details on a flat card, leaving room for the baby footprint in one area of the card. Print out the footprint separately, then cut it out and attach it to the card with a small paper craft foam adhesive strip that lifts the footprint above the rest of the card ever so slightly.

If you plan to embellish the card or footprint with glue or embossing powder you may want to do that before you attach the cutout to the card.

If you want to really get into the spirit of tiny footprints for the baby shower, carry the baby footprint theme through the shower decorations and favors, name tags and even design thank you notes for the mom and dad to be with your sweet baby footprints.

The more craftiness you put into the shower invitations the more help you might need to make and send them out. Get some friends or family members together to help assemble and address the invitations - you'll end up with a party before the party!

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