Die Cut and Paper Craft Templates - Valentine Printables

Cute Kitty Cat Hugger Gift Wrapper Craft

Craft an adorable gift tie on or candy bar wrapper using this kitty cat paper craft pattern sheet or .STUDIO cut file for Silhouette Cameo craft cutters.

This printable is handy for so many different types of children's party or holiday gifts. The line art printable sheet makes wrapper for a small gift or a wrapped candy bar.

I've used this pattern to gift a small tee shirt for a birthday gift (rolled up to fit into the cat's arms) and a favorite sweet treat clutched with a hug and a Valentine heart as shown here.

If you love papercrafts as much as I do, cut the design as a double layer, one in your favorite color for the cat fur, with the details of the face and ears, and one with just the outline, in another color, then layer the outline-only piece in back of the full-details front piece to create a two-tone card.

If you don't have a craft cutter, simply print out and carefully cut out the pieces with a craft knife or small, sharp scissors.

kitty cat candy hugger gift wrapper die cut


If you decide to cut out the cat card template by hand, you might want to only use the basic outline shape template (PDF printable file) and color the face and ear details with a fine marker.

I made these for my grandkids and they loved them, especially with their favorite candy bar snuggly held in place with a fuzzy chenille stick I twisted into a heart for Valentine's Day.

Kitty Cat Hugger Candy Card PDF Template

If you have a computer craft cutting machine, (I have a Silhouette Cameo) download and use the .STUDIO file to automatically cut your candy bar hugger cat cards from letter size card stock.

Die Cut File for Silhouette cutters (.STUDIO)