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Baby Gender Shower Game - Is The Expected Baby a Boy or a Girl?

Enjoy this fun baby gender prediction quiz game. It's not scientific, just based on old wives tales, but it's a fun game to play at a baby shower or gender reveal party.

Baby Gender Quiz Game

The Baby Gender Quiz is an entertaining way to (not guaranteed in any way) help you determine whether you will be bringing home a pink or blue bundle of joy.

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Is it a Boy or a Girl?

There are so many old wives tales out there but here we have a good selection for you. Have some fun take our Baby Gender Quiz...

Q1) What's your baby's heartbeat?

A1) If it's lower than 140 boy and higher it's a girl

Q2) Are you are positively glowing/blooming in your pregnancy?

A2) Yes - favors boy, No, favors girl

Q3) Did you suffer morning sickness?

A3) No - it's a boy, Yes - it's a girl

Q4) How are you carrying your baby?

A4) If carrying low and out front - favors boy, carrying high and all round - favors girl

Q5) What food are you craving?

A5) Protein (cheese and meat) and salty food - its a boy, sweet things such as juice or fruit - it's a girl

Q6) What's the condition of your skin?

A6) It's dry - favors boy, It's smooth - favors girl

Q7) How has your hair changed since you became pregnant?

A7) Thick and shiny - it's a boy, thin and dull - it's a girl

Q8) Which side do you lie on when sleeping?

A8) Left - favors boy, right - favors girl

Q9) What happens when you eat garlic?

A9) You absolutely stink of garlic afterward - favors boy, no garlic smell after - favors girl

Q10) What color is your urine?

A10) Bright yellow - it's a boy, dull yellow - it's a girl

Baby Angels clip artAs previously stated the Baby Gender Quiz is just a bit of fun and is not a way to Determine Baby Gender.

However, I hope you had some fun with the Baby Gender Quiz today. Are you wanting to sway the odds towards a Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

This fun game was created by Hayley Hewitt (mother of 2 angels sent from heaven).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Hayley_Hewitt

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