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Printable Party Games - A Review of Python's Pirate Games for Kids and Adults

Ahoy, Matey! It's time for a pirate party!

Pirates and buccaneers are one of the most popular party themes for adults and kids. Whether you're planning a buccaneer birthday bash for kids, an adult theme pirate plunder party or a costume gathering for Mardi Gras or Halloween, a pirate party theme will be a sure hit. Who doesn't like to dress up in swaggering pirate clothes (or sexy pirate costumes for adult pirate ladies) and talk like a pirate for a few hours?

With the right costumes, theme decorations and pirate games your swashbuckling party will be a smash hit for any age pirate lover. For entertainment at your pirate party, party games make the perfect party activity or ice breaker. Inexpensive printable party games are your map to pirate party success. No matter what age your party pirates are, there's a hilarious and fun pirate party game to play.

I recently ordered the Pirate Party Games Collection by Python Printable Games to review for this site, and I'm impressed by both the quality and the price. When you place an instant order for a pirate party game collection from Python you get immediate access, and can copy to print as many times as you like. I saved the game sheets - they're in Adobe PDF format - on my computer's hard drive.

After a quick and easy online purchase process, you simply download the pirate party games to your computer and then you can print game sheets whenever you like. And, you can print unlimited copies of your games, so you can print as many pirate games as you need now, or later.

Python Pirate Party Games for Grownups

Pirate Games for Kids of all Ages

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Birthday Party Games for All Ages

Birthday party games collection, printables
Printable Birthday Party Games Collection - $24.95

Printable Birthday Games

Reunions are meant for Decade & Retro Games! Trivia from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

Over 40 birthday party games for kids!

Picture birthday bingo for all ages printable game
Birthday Picture Bingo - $5.49

is the perfect party game for non-readers and mixed age groups!
Printable game birthday bingo
Printable Birthday Bingo - $7.99
is suitable for older kids and adults - players who can read.




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Mardi Gras Games by Python Games

Printable Mardi Gras Games Pack

Printable Mardi Gras Games Pack

Pirate Party Games Pack
Python printable pirate party game
Pirate Party Icebreaker Game

Python Printable Party Games Affiliation Statement

In full disclosure, I need to tell you that I'm a Python Printable Games affiliate, and I offer their printable games for sale on my web sites and blogs, including this site.

But I also want you to know that I've personally ordered and downloaded the Python Pirate Party Games Collection, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that they truly are unique and a good value - they're a treasure chest of pirate party fun that take only minutes to order and print.

Many of my readers look for pirate printables and crafts, and the games are a popular item on all my pages. When Python offered me a free game collection of my choice to evaluate I jumped at the opportunity to get the pirate games collection.

I really like Python's printable pirate party games, and the ordering/download process was fast and simple. There's absolutely no special software to install - all you need is Adobe Acrobat reader to open and print your games. Most computers have this free program already installed, and if not, you can get a quick download directly from Adobe software. My family will definitely be playing a few of these pirate games at our next birthday party. My grandkids love anything with a pirate theme!

Now, how about those fun pirate games I ordered?

Here are highlights of the Pirate Party Games collection by Python Printable Games.

Python Pirate Party Games for Grownups

Pirate Games for Kids of all Ages

Printable Treasure Map Template Pirate Craft For Kids
10 Printable Treasure Maps and Pirates
is one of Python's most popular, affordable printable game collections.

Children's Pirate Party Games by Python Printable Games

The pirate games for kids include a printable pirate party poster and printable placement, plus several pirate activities and pirate games for children of all ages.

You can choose from a cute Pin the Parrot on the Pirate game for younger children, Pirate Party Icebreaker matchup game, printable pirate treasure maps, a collection of Haaarrrrible Pirate Jokes (with answer key) that your elementary to tween kids will love, hilarious Pirate Trivia questions to delight teens and even adults, a pirate theme backyard nature scavenger hunt, and a cleverly crafty Pirate Balloon Crafts activity.

Balloon Pirate Crafts For Kids Design your own pirate with this creative balloon craft for kids (or adults!). The game comes complete with everything you need to make all sorts of man or lady pirate characters - eyes, ears, hats, swords, shows, arms and legs, boots, even bare feet and broken noses! Kids can choose from ready to color features or all the face and body parts in full color.

Cut 'em out and stick 'em on a 12 inch party balloon and pretty soon you'll have a rogues gallery of pirates to join the party!

Balloon Pirate Crafts For Kids
Pirate Balloon Crafts for Kids
- Buy Now at Python Games

Printable Pirate Party Games Pack

Pirate Party Games Collection by Python Printable Games

Adult Pirate Party Games

For the adult pirate party-goer, you can use any of the kids games to get people relaxed and laughing, or choose from several pirate party games with more grown up themes including a Pirate Language Facebook Game, Pirate MadLibs, Pirate Word Scramble and Survival of the Fittest Pirate Game with hilarious contestant tasks that will have you in stitches as you try to stay in the game round after round by following card commands such as: "Sing the ABCs backwards", "Do a Cartwheel", "Do a Booty Dance" and plenty more hilarious challenges.

There's also a Newlywed-style game with a purely pirates theme designed for couples or partners. Or, you might choose to play the Shoot the Boot Drinking Game. Either chug or fill the boot or else scoot from the game is basically how you play.

You can use alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for Shoot the Boot, or a combination of the two. Players use their own glasses plus a master "boot" as the fillup pitcher, draw a card and follow its fill, pass or drink commands based on what their drawn card dictates.

Typical game card commands include: HYDRATE - fill the boot with 4 ounces of water; DRINK an ounce from bottle #2, then say ... " and so on. I think Shoot the Boot could be a funny game for adults even without any alcohol in the bottles. I'm sure I would have to take a bathroom break if I stayed in long enough to Shoot the Boot!

The Python Pirate Games collection includes a collection of pirate maps to use for games or to design your party invites, decorations and favors.

You can buy any of these hip pirate games separately, but the package deal, including pirate games for children and grown ups, is a terrific value. Click to view and buy Pirate Party Games Collection by Python.

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