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Mandala Coloring Books for Adults, Teens and Kids

The pure relaxation that you'll experience while coloring a mandala design will help you de-stress and leave your cares behind for a few minutes or an hour or more.

When you work to color in these designs with colored pencil, markers or other art media you need to concentrate and shut out the rest of the world - just like when you meditate or read or do any hobby that promotes relaxation.

Browse these collections of unique kaleidscope and mandala design coloring books.

The selections include pages filled with challenging patterns suitable for adult coloring and meditation as well as whimsical mandala designs for children and the young at heart.


Dover coloring books for adults and teens

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Leisure Arts Mandala Design Coloring Books

Creative coloring mandalas book
Creative Coloring Mandalas - $9.99
Kaleidoscope design coloring book
Kaleidoscope Wonders COLOR ART for everyone - $5.99
Nature mandalas coloring book
Nature Mandalas Coloring Book - $9.99
Color zen mandala designs
Color Zen Coloring Book - $4.99
Creative Mandalas Expressions coloring book
Creative Coloring Mandalas Expressions - $9.99
Mandala Wonders complex designs coloring book
Mandala Wonders Color Art for Everyone - $5.99
Flower Mandalas coloring book by Leisure Arts
Flower Mandalas Coloring Book - $9.99
Free Spirit coloring book
Free Spirit Coloring Book - $9.99
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Dover Creative Haven Mandala Coloring Books

Sample coloring page from Dover Creative Haven Stained Glass coloring kaleidoscopic designs

Sample: Kaleidoscope Designs Stained Glass (Creative Haven by Dover, below right)

Cute animal mandalas coloring book
My First Mandalas Coloring - Animals - $3.99
Easy kaleidoscope coloring book
Easy Kaleidoscope Stained Glass Coloring Book - $1.99
Nature mandalas creative haven coloring book
Creative Haven Nature Mandalas Coloring Book - $5.99
Wild groovy paisley mandala coloring book
Creative Haven Paisley Mandalas Coloring Book - $5.99
Stained glass window art mandala coloring book
Creative Haven Mandalas Stained Glass Coloring Book - $7.99
Kaleidoscope Designs for coloring
Creative Haven Kaleidoscope Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book - $7.99
3D designs mandala coloring book
3-D Coloring Book--Mandalas - $9.99
Creative Haven Square Mandalas Coloring Book
Creative Haven Square Mandalas Coloring Book - $5.99
Mandala designs coloring book for all ages
Mandala Designs - $3.99

from: Dover Publications
Mandala designs CDROM and book, infinite coloring mandalas
Infinite Coloring Mandala Designs CDrom and Book - $8.99

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