Alternative Art Coloring Books

Psychedelic Art Designs to Color

Trippy graffiti, rock music and psychedelic designs to color will challenge your ability to stay inside the lines. The bizarre patterns in alternative art are often made from morphed shapes and lettering. Patterns include stunning fractals, tesselations, stylized realistic images and distorted geometrics often combined with hand lettering and cultural symbols.

Browse our picks below for the hippest, grooviest psychedelic art coloring books - enjoy the trip!

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Creative Haven Coloring Books by Dover

Blick Art Materials has dozens of artist tools - markers, pastels, colored pencils, watercolors and lots more.

Get Bold with Color!

Use your brightest colors to enhance the mind-altering effects of these alternative art coloring pages.

This set of eye popping designs for coloring includes color art books with pictures that appeal to teens and adults.