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Printable Mini Flags and Cupcake Toppers

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Make Your Own Designer Food Flags, Pencil Flags, Party Banners and Toppers

Label all your pot luck and party foods with stylish color coordinated party food flags you make yourself. All you need is a color printer and some long plastic straws or wooden kabob skewers to make food flags. Decorate cupcakes with little toothpick flags!

To create Table Flags you'll need something to help your flags stand up - a flower pot filled with floral foam or beans, for example, to insert the stick of the flag pole.

You can also create your own party banners with printable mini flags! String them along a length of ribbon, twine or yarn.

All my sheets of mini flags, stickers and cupcake toppers are ready to print - you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. You can edit the PDF files to add your own words instead of writing by hand if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or a graphics editor that can work with PDF files. My printables and designs are free only for non-commercial use ... please don't edit/copy and sell content from this web site.

How to Make a Party Banner with Printable Mini Flags

Make a simple party pennant banner using your blank mini flags. Measure a length of kitchen string or ribbon to span the area where you want to hang a banner for your party or celebration.

Figure out how many flags you'll need to arrange along the string, then print out as many food flag template sheets as you need to fill it up spaced out or touching, depending on your taste and design.

Cut out flags, fold on dotted lines and arrange along the string. Glue or tape flag fronts and backs together along the string to make your pennant style party banner.

Mix up the shapes and colors of your mini flags to make a more colorful party banner - you can add other colors and designs from our many different food flag printables, or use a set of flags as a template to cut out pennant shapes from printed craft papers, origami paper or gift wrap.

FIESTA Banner Pennant Flags are

Fiesta banner flags template

cupid heart cupcake toppers

Cupid Heart Cupcake Toppers

Patriotic Cupcake Toppers

star and stripes cupcake flag


Choose your favorite design red, white and blue cupcake topper, then print and cut out in squares or circles from our 4th of July printable cupcake topper sheets (can also be used as stickers!)

Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials Gift Ideas

cupcake birthday flagsCupcake Birthday Mini Flags

Have some fun with these colorful cupcake design mini flags - make food flags or party favors or table decorations.

One cupcake flag design is black and white to color in, one says Happy Birthday and the third mini flag design has pink frosted cupcakes, and it is blank for you to add your own words.

Printable Cupcake Party Flags

Easter Cupcake Toppers

Easter eggs in basket food flag cupcake toppers Printable sheets of 12 mini cards you can use to make cupcake flags, stickers or gift tags.

Sheet 1 - Easter Baskets Cupcake Toppers

Sheet 2 - Chicks and Rabbits Food Flags / Stickers

Simple to print and cut out in squares, or to cut into circles using a circle punch craft cutter .

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Toppers

st patricks day cupcake toppers irish hats

St. Patrick's Day Printable Cupcake Flags

Two designs! Leprechaun hats cupcake toppers or shamrocks cupcake toppers.

Skull and Bones Cupcake Toppers

Skull and Bones cupcake toppers

Perfect for pirate parties or Halloween.

Halloween Cupcake FlagsTrick or Treat Cup Cake Flags

Print, cut out and attach these colorful Halloween party cupcake flags to toothpicks or straws.

This 8.5 x 11 printable sheet can also be used to make stickers for Trick or Treat.

Halloween Cupcake Topper Food Flag Stickers

Bats border cupcake toppers

Bats Halloween Cupcake Toppers

purple bats round label

bats frame sticker cupcake flag



small party flag patterns, mini flag templatesBlank Mini Flag Templates

Design your own miniature flags, food flags, table flags and party favors with these blank mini flag patterns.

Hand blank flag sheets out to kids to design their own tiny flags with crayons, markers, stickers or other craft materials, then attach to unsharpened pencils or twigs!

Mini Flag Pattern Sheet - Ready to Color or Craft

christmas party flags, food flagsChristmas Holiday Food Flags

Festive red, green and white unique mini flags to craft colorful hand-lettered food flags, table number flags or party banners. Nice colors for Christmas parties or Italian festivals!

Red, white and green mini flags

It's easy to make a Party Banner with our free printable mini flags!


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